Two Alpange pianos take the center stage at the legendary Salle Pleyel - Paris

On March 7th, 2024, an exceptional musical event took place at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. The talented violinist Yury Revich led "The Symphony of Water," an innovative concert in tribute to World Water Day, in collaboration with UNICEF. At the heart of this captivating event, two Alpange pianos were showcased, highlighting the importance of this revolutionary instrument in the world of contemporary classical music. The concert was graced by the presence of musicians from the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, adding further depth and richness to the performance.

The Alpange pianos boast remarkable versatility, offering a spectrum of sounds that span from intimately subdued to brilliantly luminous. This adaptability equips performers to delve into their musical concepts with unparalleled depth and nuance, enabling them to explore and express their artistic vision to the fullest extent.

The Stylistic Alchemy

Yury Revich made the bold choice of Alpange pianos in light maple finish to accompany his ambitious and eclectic musical vision. Midway between classical and electronic, this virtuoso exploited all the sound possibilities offered by these innovative instruments. By interpreting his original neo-classical style music, he once again demonstrated his ability to merge different artistic disciplines to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Honoring the Spirit of Live Music

The Salle Pleyel, with its 2000 seats, provided a majestic backdrop for this remarkable concert. Known to be a historic and emblematic venue for live music in Paris, it honored the Alpange pianos and Yury Revich's mesmerizing music. This evening will remain etched in the memories of classical music enthusiasts, reflecting the importance of innovation and collaboration in the art world. The Alpange team is proud of the trust placed by such an exceptional musician as Yury Revich and looks forward to continuing to support artists in their quest for musical excellence.

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