Play at the Peak

Against the stunning backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, the collaboration among Alpange, The Invisible Collection, and Le Collectionist unfolded like a symphony of creativity. Guests were invited to immerse themselves in the exquisite craftsmanship of Alpange pianos while indulging in the meticulously curated selection of design pieces from The Invisible Collection. As enchanting melodies filled the air and design inspiration flourished, attendees were treated to a sensory journey unlike any other, sparking a profound appreciation for the fusion of music and design.

Moreover, Alpange stood out for its innovative feature that allows the transmission of vocals through the instrument's acoustic system, utilizing the wireless microphone provided with the piano. This remarkable capability enables seamless live piano and vocal performances without the need for additional audio equipment, thus facilitating a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing stage setup.

A Penthouse Above the Clouds: Where Artistry Takes Flight

Located in NYC's iconic skyline, the penthouse served as the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary event. As guests ascended to this exclusive space, they were greeted by the breathtaking views of the city below, setting the stage for an evening of artistic exploration. Amidst the ethereal atmosphere, Alpange pianos stood as focal points, each showcasing the brand's commitment to both sonic and aesthetic excellence.

An Alliance of Prestige

The Invisible Collection promotes the art of living by bringing together and showcasing the finest talents in interior design and craftsmanship. By curating unique pieces and collaborating with renowned designers, they create interior environments that combine elegance and sophistication.

Le Collectionnist stands as a curator of cherished memories, found in some of the most breathtaking locations across the globe. Through their services, they offer access to the world's most luxurious properties, promising vacations that are truly unforgettable.

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